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Posted By | February 17, 2021 | Articles

What extra things should I include in my divorce settlement?

You probably have a good idea of the main items to include in your divorce settlement, such as who gets the house and general custody arrangements. However, there are some minor details that you may forget and that might result in issues down the road. Rate.com explains that it is essential to nail down every…

Posted By | February 15, 2021 | Articles

These mistakes could make your prenuptial agreement unenforceable

Prenuptial contracts are a boon to many couples, not just those who are wealthy. The right terms, structure and provisions make it easy for spouses to anticipate potential issues that may arise if they break up and divorce. Though the subject is often an unpleasant one, premarital agreements can provide a great deal of financial…

Posted By | February 12, 2021 | Articles

Is your spouse hiding assets?

When going through a divorce, you want to imagine that your spouse will treat you fairly even if tensions run high. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sometimes, spouses are bitter enough that they will try to undermine you in any way possible.  This often results in spouses attempting to hide assets during the…