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Family law claims are unique in the legal world in that they involve the intimate, private details of our emotional lives and bring to light interpersonal disputes that can have a cutting impact on our well-being. Those of us who work in family law understand the difficulty involved in resolving a contentious family law dispute. When attempting to secure a favorable divorce judgment, for example, a divorcing spouse must not only confront the issues of their marriage head-on, but must also carefully consider the best interests of their children while ensuring that they themselves have adequate means with which to live and thrive.

Whether you are navigating a heated divorce, working through a child custody agreement, or cautiously proceeding in accordance with the terms of a marital agreement, the skilled New Jersey family lawyers at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law can walk you through the process of resolving your family law claims. Our Essex County, NJ family lawyers boast over thirty years of combined experience. When you retain our counsel, you can be confident knowing that we will protect your rights and your best interests every step of the way.

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Family law matters can be filled with emotions that easily escalate into litigation in many cases. That is why it is important to retain counsel early in the process. The sooner you have a seasoned family law attorney on your side, the sooner your rights and interests can be safeguarded.

At Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law, we handle cases involving child visitation, child custody, child support, property division, alimony, and many other matters often connected to divorce.

If you are facing divorce and want to remain as peaceful as possible, mediation may be a viable option for you. Joseph Nitti, Esq. has been certified by the New Jersey Superior Court as a court-appointed mediator. He has also successfully mediated numerous cases to settlement. As a result of Mr. Nitti’s past success, he is often requested by his peers to mediate their most difficult cases. If it is mediation you seek, please call Joe at 973-226-4141 or fill out the online contact form to set up a free consultation.

Additionally, we can assist clients in setting up marital agreements to help avoid future confrontations or litigation. Whether you are seeking to protect your future from potential issues or are already in the heat of a marital dispute, our team is ready to represent you. We have successfully represented countless clients throughout New Jersey: Millburn, Maplewood, and Verona in Essex County, NJ; Florham Park, East Hanover, and Hanover Township in Morris County, NJ; and Summit in Union County, NJ.

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Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law is proud to provide families in Essex County, Morris County, Union County, and across New Jersey with the cost-effective and reliable legal representation they need. We strive to use our time as efficiently as possible while working to resolve your family law issue. Our team will protect your time, your money, and your best interests.

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