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Reputable Family Law Attorneys Assist Couples in Florham Park Divorce Proceedings

Although divorce may not always come as a surprise, the consequences thereof — the proceedings and the legal matters up for dispute — can still cause substantial problems for those involved, no matter how well-prepared the couple was for the eventual dispute. In some cases, of course, a divorce may proceed quite amicably. In fact, with the aid of a qualified family law mediator, complicated specifics (i.e., property division, custody, etc.) can potentially be resolved without further conflict. If a compromise cannot be reached, however, then a formal proceeding may be necessary in a New Jersey court.

The experienced Florham Park divorce lawyers at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law can assist you with your divorce proceedings, and related matters, in Florham Park or elsewhere in Morris County, NJ. Contact us at (973) 226-4141 today to arrange for a free and confidential consultation about your divorce case.

Florham Park Family Law Attorneys Can Represent Your Interests in a Range of Divorce-Related Matters

Attorney Joseph Nitti, Esq. has over three decades of experience representing clients in a range of family law matters in Florham Park, NJ, including the following:

When representing clients, our law firm is committed to providing comprehensive legal advocacy. It is our deeply held belief that effective representation in the family law context requires a fully engaged client. No matter the particular family law dispute, we develop a collaborative working relationship with clients so that all relevant information is available and we are strategically aligned.

What Makes Nitti & Nitti Special?

Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law was founded over three decades ago with the intention of providing compassionate but strong advocacy on behalf of those involved in a range of family law disputes, including divorce matters — from property division to custody issues.

Thanks to our extensive experiences in this area, we have a particularly well-developed understanding of what works and, simply put, what doesn’t work. As such, we are uniquely capable of resolving claims in a timely and cost-effective manner. Where possible, we make reasonable efforts to secure a favorable resolution before costs add up for our client. This has the added benefit of obtaining emotional closure for clients early on and allowing them to move forward with their lives.

Here at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law, we know that effective mediation and compromise can often lead to the best results in NJ divorce cases. Attorney Joseph Nitti, Esq. is an Early Settlement Panelist and has been certified as a Family Law Mediator. As such, he is well-equipped to guide you and your spouse through the mediation process, if desired.

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Divorce proceedings can be rather complicated, and — depending on the willingness of both sides to cooperate and reach an amicable compromise — may be time consuming and quite frustrating. Here at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law, we are fully aware that divorce (and related proceedings) can be draining and put you in an emotionally vulnerable position. Given the sensitive nature of such proceedings, we are committed to resolving matters as quickly and as efficiently as possible to ensure a favorable result in a timely manner.

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About Florham Park, NJ

Florham Park is a small borough located in Morris County — in northern New Jersey (just west of Newark and adjacent to the more populous Morristown) — and with an estimated population of 11,766. Demographically speaking, Florham Park is overwhelmingly Caucasian, with a significant portion of Asians, and the median income is over six figures. In the New Jersey context, at least, Florham Park is categorically “wealthy.”

Florham Park has a long and storied history that begins in the late 1600s. The borough became a prosperous economic center known for its Industrial Age manufacturing boom and, later, for its wealthy country estates. Still, the Florham Park area is perhaps best known among the general public for the recent move of the New York Jets headquarters (and related training facilities) to the borough.