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Depending on the particular circumstances of your divorce, the proceedings can go in many different directions: they can be quick, amicable, and relatively painless, or they can be emotionally harrowing, financially demanding, uncertain, and time consuming. Divorce proceedings are not “standard” civil actions, in the sense that the centerpiece of the conflict is not necessarily one of liability or financial recovery. If you have one or more children with your spouse, for example, then custody issues and visitation rights may be much more important than the specifics of property division (though that may also be a priority). The fundamental difference between NJ divorce proceedings and other civil proceedings is the emotional content of the dispute.

Here at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law, our experienced Parsippany divorce lawyers understand the challenges that couples face when attempting to resolve divorce matters (and related family law matters), and we work tirelessly to ensure that clients are fully apprised of case developments. Call us at (973) 226-4141 or email us to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our attorneys today.

Our Parsippany Family Lawyers Represent Clients in a Range of Divorce-Related Matters

Parsippany divorce attorney Joseph Nitti, Esq. has spent his career representing family law clients in a range of matters. He has also served as a mediator in many cases, helping both sides reach an amicable, win-win solution. He has extensive experience handling disputes relating to:

Unless you request otherwise, we typically approach family law disputes willing and able to negotiate a favorable compromise solution. Not every case can be resolved in an amicable manner, however. In some divorce proceedings, one or both spouses simply do not want to give up any ground. We have a consistent track record of success in litigating disputes when negotiations break down. This reputation for aggressive advocacy gives us significant bargaining power during early negotiations.

Why Choose Nitti & Nitti Law for Your Parsippany Divorce Case?

Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law was founded in 1986. Since then, our team of New Jersey family lawyers has been committed to compassionate, tenacious legal advocacy on behalf of those involved in various family law disputes, including divorce proceedings. We understand the nuances of the New Jersey family law system, and we know how best to approach various issues to secure a favorable result for our clients.

As a certified Family Law Mediator and Early Settlement Panelist, Attorney Joseph Nitti, Esq. is well-positioned to amicably resolve a family law dispute early on, and — if necessary — to transition to aggressively litigate for his clients when efforts to negotiate a favorable settlement have failed.

Here at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law, we provide comprehensive representation at every stage of a dispute. From the very beginning, we collaborate with clients to gather all relevant information to their legal matter, thus strengthening their arguments (and consequently, their leverage during negotiations). This approach may be demanding, but we believe that it effectively serves the interests of our clients.

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Divorce proceedings are best handled at an early stage, before the conflicts become more severe and difficult to mend. Many couples readying themselves for divorce do not fully realize the importance of consulting with an attorney in the early stages, perhaps because they feel as though there is minimal conflict and that the divorce proceedings will not “get out of hand,” so to speak. It can be quite difficult to predict how a divorce proceeding will play out, however. Divorce is a sensitive matter, after all, and a wrongly uttered word or a misconstrued demand can cause a great deal of havoc if you’re not careful.

The experienced Parsippany family lawyers at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law are keen advocates who can evaluate the legal issues surrounding your case and help you to devise a strategy for securing a favorable divorce resolution. Call (973) 226-4141 or fill out the online contact form today to arrange for a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys. We return all calls promptly — typically within 24 hours of receipt.

About Parsippany, New Jersey

Parsippany (formally known as Parsippany-Troy Hills Township) is a medium-sized township located in Morris County, NJ, in the northern portion of the state, west of Newark and New York City. Parsippany has a total population of 53,238, which has increased steadily every census counting.

Demographically speaking, Parsippany is a rather unique township. It is majority Caucasian, but it has a significant Asian contingent (constituting nearly 30 percent of the total population), with the largest subgroup of Asians being Indian-Americans, who make up an estimated 17.4 percent of the total population.

Further, it should be noted that Parsippany has a high median household income in comparison to the national average, with the median household in Parsippany earning $85,760 per year. As such, divorce proceedings and related issues (i.e., property division, child support, spousal support) in Parsippany are likely to involve conflicts over significant assets.