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Whether a person is in a same-sex relationship or a heterosexual relationship, the prospect of divorce looms heavy over many couples considering a break-up. Those who belong to the LGBT community may also be worried about the nature of their marital relationship and the limits thereof. This is a common concern, in fact, as it was only in 2013 that the state of New Jersey legalized same-sex marriages. The “newness” of this marital construct for same-sex relationships (and its interaction with pre-existing alternatives, such as civil unions) can cause some confusion.

If you are interested in moving forward with a same-sex divorce — whether the situation is amicable or high-conflict — then it is important that you consult with a qualified family lawyer who can help you achieve a favorable resolution. In many cases, divorce proceedings can be an emotionally-fraught challenge for both parties. This is for good reason — the outcome of a divorce proceeding could have a substantial impact on the financial health of each party and the quality of the relationship formed between parents and children (in divorce proceedings involving child custody and visitation issues).

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Marriage Laws Are Now Uniform in NJ and Across the US

Although the LGBT community struggled for decades to achieve marriage equality, it was only in the 2000s that the movement finally gained enough overwhelming momentum to force the U.S. Supreme Court to reconsider its old position. Today, in New Jersey — and federally, across the United States — same-sex marriage is legal.

So, what does this mean for divorcing same-sex couples? Same-sex couples who are going through a divorce are subject to the same laws and regulations as heterosexual couples. In New Jersey, this means that couples attempting to secure a divorce must meet a residency requirement (e.g., one year residency in the state), and they may either choose a no-fault divorce or a fault-based divorce. Once the divorce proceedings are underway, the same-sex couple must evaluate their financial situation, divide property equitably, handle spousal support, and resolve child support issues.

Just to reiterate: there are no special entitlements or limitations imposed on same-sex couples in this regard.

Possible Sources of Conflict in a Same-Sex Divorce in Newark, New Jersey

Despite the fact that same-sex divorce is the same as heterosexual divorce, at least in fundamental legal terms, there are a number of conflicts that are more likely to crop up in same-sex divorce scenarios. These include issues relating to child custody, visitation, and support for non-biological children, and issues relating to the impact of years spent in a civil union (or cohabiting as a couple) on spousal support and property division.

Generally speaking, the family lawyers at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law approach family law disputes — divorces included — with the intention of resolving the matter in an amicable fashion, to the degree that such a resolution is actually possible. Attorney Joseph Nitti, Esq. is a certified Early Settlement Panelist and Family Law Mediator in New Jersey, and he is therefore uniquely well-equipped to collaborate with each party and help move discussions forward in a healthy and efficient manner. Negotiations sometimes break down, however, and when that happens, we are more than capable of aggressively advocating on behalf of our clients in court.

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