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Family Law

The decision to legally separate or file for divorce is never an easy one to make. Joseph Nitti is an experienced matrimonial attorney who is ready to help you.

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Real Estate Law

If you are selling or buying real estate, Theresa A. Nitti, Esq. is an experienced real estate attorney who you can count on to make it a smooth transaction.

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Civil Litigation

No one looks for a law suit, but when things happen you need a lawyer familiar with the courts. Joseph Nitti has been litigating for over 25 years and is ready to fight for you.

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Divorce Lawyer in Essex & Morris County NJ

For many of our clients, the measure of a legal service is whether the attorney uses time efficiently and works to resolve their particular legal problem. Wasting money on an unsuccessful legal adventure is not in the cards.

Fortunately, at Nitti & Nitti Attorneys at Law, we understand that our clients' needs are not all the same and that their issues involving family disputes, real estate matters and personal injury claims are not uniform. For more than 25 years, our attorneys have worked to resolve these and other legal issues for our clients in Roseland, New Jersey, and throughout New Jersey. We do this efficiently and effectively, without wasting their valuable time and money.

Our attorneys accomplish this by working hard and by working smart. We do not pursue unnecessary legal avenues, and we leave you in the driver's seat when it comes to making important decisions about the direction of your case. Aided by our legal training and experience, we help our clients make informed decisions about important matters than can affect them for the rest of their lives.

What sets us apart? Here are a few of our advantages:

  • Service. As an established, family-run law firm serving Essex County, New Jersey, and surrounding areas, we thrive on providing personal service to the clients who know us and return to us year after year. Retain us, and you will deal with an experienced lawyer. You will not be handed off to an associate with limited experience.

  • Experience. The Nitti family has practiced law locally for decades, and we keep our skills sharp through continual professional development. While we are experienced trial lawyers who will fight for your interests in court, we are also experienced negotiators who can work to meet your goals with a minimum of legal expense.

  • Compassion. While the Nittis have an intimate understanding of New Jersey law, and the local and state courts, they also understand their community. Terri and Joe have three children, live locally and have the experience and compassion necessary to handle sensitive family legal issues. We understand that while we may deal with legal issues every day, our clients do not. We strive to see our clients' situations as our own, and then respond accordingly.

  • Integrity. This might sound obvious, but it is vitally important that attorneys treat each client's case as if it can be won. Winning can mean many things depending on the individual, but to us it means the results we obtain are favorable to the client. As an independent and family-run law firm, we take each client seriously and pursue their cases to the fullest extent of our abilities, whether a solution is obtained in court following mediation, through a verdict or judgment, or in out-of-court negotiations.