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Dividing Retirement Accounts

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While some divorce proceedings are straightforward, property division is often complex and controversial. For couples with retirement accounts, pensions and investments, this is especially true. Whether an account remains intact or requires innovative negotiations and division of property will depend on careful consideration of your situation and circumstances.

At Nitti & Nitti, P.C., we are highly experienced and skilled New Jersey family law attorneys. Our lawyers have a track record of successful division for cases involving retirement savings and pensions in New Jersey. Reach us at (973) 226-4141 for a FREE consultation.

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As your divorce attorneys, our goal is to maintain your well-being legally and financially throughout your divorce and into the future. Our family law experts explain your full range of options and find the best possible outcome for you, including:

  • Establishing a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) that allocates retirement account ownership interests
  • Determining if a buy-out option is available where you purchase your spouse’s interests in your savings account
  • Negotiating for your retirement account in the context of your full property division proceedings

You can leave your marriage with your future intact. We are highly experienced in financial negotiations during and throughout the divorce.

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When marital assets like retirement savings are subject to divorce proceedings, attorneys need to take substantial care in accounting and during negotiations. Whenever possible, you should seek a peaceful and cooperative resolution to the issue. Schedule a free initial meeting with our attorneys today at (973) 226-4141 or click here.