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When your co-parent is not following a custody or support agreement, the frustration can be overwhelming. You can feel like there is no one to rely upon when raising your child. Moreover, you likely feel outraged on behalf of your child. But, there are legal solutions that are available to struggling parents.

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Nitti & Nitti, P.C., is a long-established legal institution with decades of information and knowledge. Our New Jersey family law lawyers utilize these resources on your behalf so that you and your loved ones can find long-term answers to your problems. For legal assistance with child custody or child support enforcement issue, call our office at (973)-226-4141 and schedule a FREE consultation.

Enforcement Provisions Under New Jersey Law

If your ex-spouse is refusing to pay child support or fails to bring your children for your parenting time, you may feel powerless. But, New Jersey law does provide for enforcement and compensatory consequences. Parents who fail to comply with custody or support orders can face serious consequences like:

  • Reduced parenting time, including permanent physical custody changes
  • Increased fees and monetary compensation for missed child support
  • Ineligibility for certain key legal privileges like holding a driver’s license
  • Mandatory counseling or community service
  • Criminal charges

Your child deserves a stable, productive environment. Failure to comply with these court orders can cause turmoil and pain for you and your child, and you may need a New Jersey court order lawyer to handle the situation.

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