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Family law encompasses and regulates a wide range of legal issues that pertain to marriage such as divorce, alimony, child support, and more. Family law issues can be so complex that they require the intervention of the law for resolution.

When two people are entering a marriage, they may want to protect their own assets and provide for their financial relationship in the marriage through a premarital agreement. When two people have children, they are equally responsible for the emotional and economic welfare of the children. When they separate or divorce, questions about child custody and support raise conflicts that must be settled in the best interests of the children involved.

These are all issues that are covered by our Millburn family law attorneys. In the good times and in the worst of times, the law provides us with helpful guides to define our expectations in family relationships. In the worst of times, family law is highly emotional and involves a lot of acrimony between the parties. An experienced and family law attorney can bring clarity to your family law issues and help you make decisions in your best interest.

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  • For more than 30 years, New Jersey clients have trusted our legal team with their family law concerns and other legal matters and you can too.
  • We have the resources and insight to help you successfully navigate complex family law issues and pursue favorable results.
  • Our goal is to help you resolve your concerns in an efficient and effective manner – without wasting your valuable time and money.
  • As a local, family-owned firm, we are able to offer the one-on-one service and caring assistance you deserve. You and your case matter to us.

If you are overwhelmed by your family law issues, you do not have to figure it out by yourself. We can help you bring clarity to your situation and proffer the best solutions for your situation. Call us at (973) 226-4141 to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced and compassionate family law attorneys.

How a Family Law Attorney Can Help You?

While you may be reluctant to involve the law in your family issues, sometimes the best way to protect your legal interests is to get an experienced family law attorney to help you. Even where you do not want to settle a family dispute in court, the right family law lawyer knows the law and your legal entitlements and can help you negotiate an equitable out-of-court settlement of your issue.

In New Jersey, mediation is now an accepted process in the resolution of family disputes, and the courts will generally enforce the provisions of a settlement agreement. As long as they are fair and equitable, New Jersey has a strong public policy favoring the enforcement of negotiated agreements. However, there are certain conditions such as domestic violence or fraud for which a court will disregard any provisions of a settlement agreement.

The advantage of settling family law disputes using alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation is the ability to douse tensions and get more favorable resolutions to the dispute. Having a lawyer assist you during the mediation process ensures that at all times your legal interests are in view and the balance of power stays even between you and the other party to the dispute.

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Our Managing Partner, Joseph Nitti, Esq., is a certified mediator. He is also trained in collaborative law. Both of these options can streamline the family law process and help you obtain timely results. Whether you have a case that needs to be settled by the courts or through alternative dispute resolution processes, we have the capacity and experience to help you make the right decisions and settle your family law issues.

If you are looking for a family law attorney in Millburn, call us today at (973) 226-4141 or click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our compassionate family law attorneys.