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Buying real estate can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It is a big financial investment that comes with more than enough financial responsibility. But excitement can quickly turn to regret if care is not taken at every step of the process. After weeks of searching and open houses, when you finally find the perfect property in the perfect location, before you commit your hard-earned money, you want to make sure that you’re not buying a liability instead of an asset. Having the counsel of an experienced New Jersey real estate closing attorney by your side will help you detect and understand any legal risks associated with the property you are interested in. Nitti & Nitti can answer any New Jersey real estate questions you may have.

Why Choose A Real Estate Closing Lawyer From Nitti & Nitti

  • Our firm has been around since 1986, and our experienced real estate attorneys are well-connected in the local community and in the legal community.
  • We provide comprehensive real estate services to clients throughout New Jersey.
  • We provide devoted attention and resources to each case that we work on.
  • Theresa A. Nitti, who heads our real estate practice, is devoted to carefully and patiently working with her clients from contract to closing.

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Real Estate Closing Procedures in New Jersey

The steps involved in real estate closing can be categorized broadly as follows:

  • Contract of Sale: Parties sign a contract of sale, which is then sent to their attorneys for review.
  • Title search and insurance: Typically, the buyer’s attorney requests a title search and abstract to discover and evaluate any risks associated with the property. Title insurance protects the buyer from any risks or financial loss sustained from defects in the title of the property.
  • Survey and home inspection: Conducted to reveal any structural defects or other issues in the property.
  • Mortgage: Negotiate mortgage requirements and commitment.
  • Final closing.

All of these steps involve numerous legal problems for which a New Jersey real estate attorney is trained to anticipate and handle. Sound legal advice at every stage of the closing process will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and headaches. Furthermore, insurance and mortgage documents are filled with conditions, limitations, and exceptions, which a real estate attorney can help you understand before you make a commitment that you cannot back out of without expensive consequences.

Why You Should Use A Real Estate Closing Attorney

Although there is no requirement that you must use a real estate closing attorney in the sale or purchase of real estate, it is advisable that you do so. The transfer of property generally, is unavoidably technical. Drafting of real estate documents requires the judgment of an experienced attorney, to protect the very important rights involved in the transfer of property. Real estate closing involves technicalities that are better handled by a qualified real estate closing attorney.

The legal instruments used to transfer property rights in real estate must be drafted precisely to protect the interests of the buyer or seller. The incorrect drafting or interpretation of these legal documents can be very costly to any of the parties in the transaction. You don’t want to be at a disadvantage, without competent legal counsel, when the other parties have their legal counsel protecting their interests. When there are multiple parties in a transaction, each party’s legal counsel is only responsible for protecting the interests of their client. The consequences of not having legal representation by your side can be more headache than you bargained for.

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