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Family is everything. This is why when we are in disagreement with family members it stings more than any other kind of conflict. During a legal battle, feelings of betrayal, loss, and anger can cloud our better judgment and inflame these emotions. That’s when you need an experienced Essex County family law attorney who can help you make the right decisions.

Why Choose A Family Law Lawyer From Nitti & Nitti?

  • Nitti & Nitti has over 30 years of experience helping people manage their family relationships and divorce cases.
  • We have the resources and insight to help you successfully navigate complex family law issues and pursue favorable results.
  • Our goal is to help you resolve your concerns in an efficient and effective manner – without wasting your valuable time and money.
  • As a local, family-owned firm, we are able to offer the one-on-one service and caring assistance you deserve. You and your case matter to us.

If you are in the Essex County area and are dealing with a family issue, you do not have to do it alone. Let one of our skilled family law attorneys help you through the process and create the best solutions for your situation. Call us today at (973) 226-4141 to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys.

Reasons To Have A Family Law Lawyer

You may be wondering what kind of situations require a family law attorney. There are many situations concerning family relationships that are the subject of family law, including:

Divorce: When couples marry they take a vow to love each other until death. Unfortunately, for some couples, the love doesn’t last that long and they must part ways. Apart from the emotional uncoupling, there are other issues that must be resolved in a divorce case. If there are minor children involved, the custody of the children will be an important matter to resolve. Child support, division of property, and alimony are all major issues that must be addressed in a divorce.

Child Custody and Support: When the relationship between a couple breaks down, the emotional and financial well-being of any minor children must be accounted for. Children benefit from having the affection of both parents, so as much as practicable under the particular circumstances, both parents are given consideration in decisions about custody and child support.

Domestic Violence: Home is supposed to be a place of refuge but sometimes, the violence we fear from strangers is within our household. When you are the victim of domestic violence at the hands of your spouse or another family member, the law can protect you from your abuser.

Premarital Agreements/Prenuptial Agreements: Although discussions about premarital and prenuptial agreements can stir up negative emotions, an experienced family law attorney can ensure that your interests are well protected before you sign one.

Mediation: The court process in our judicial system is designed to be hostile and can be stressful for parties involved. Ending a relationship and dealing with all the related issues such as division of property is stressful enough without the help of the adversarial court system. In a divorce, for instance, mediation allows the couple to resolve their disputes and reach an agreement without going through the courts.

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In most family law matters, the best outcomes are achieved when cooler heads prevail. An experienced family law attorney can help you rationally deal with your family disputes. At Nitti & Nitti, you will have the support of experienced family law attorneys who will treat you with compassion while pursuing your legal interests. If you need to speak with an experienced family law attorney in Essex County, call us at )973) 226-4141 or click here for a free consultation.