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Divorce is rarely easy. First, there’s the decision — the choice of whether to legally separate or file for divorce and how to approach the process of divorce itself can frustrate even the most reasonable, cool-headed spouses. Then, there are the difficulties that come with navigating the minefield of potential legal issues and disputes that are associated with the legal process of divorce, involving questions of child custody, spousal support, child support, the division of property, and much more. All of this can be simplified with the aid of a New Jersey divorce lawyer.

Why Choose A New Jersey Divorce Attorney From Nitti & Nitti?

  • Joseph Nitti, Esq., and the other experienced family law attorneys of Nitti & Nitti, P.C. have provided clients throughout New Jersey with top-notch legal representation since 1986.
  • We offer thorough, personable and engaged legal support during the divorce process.
  • We have more than 30 years of experience handling divorce and related family law legal issues for clients all around New Jersey.
  • We also understand that every client’s situation is unique and, with this in mind, we strive to provide each client with an individualized solution to help them through the divorce process as painlessly as possible.
  • As a prospective client, it’s important for you to understand that — no matter how complicated or straightforward your divorce may seem at first — having dedicated and experienced counsel is critical to the successful resolution of your various disputes and claims.

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How Can Nitti & Nitti, P.C. Help You?

Family law matters are often interconnected and recurring. A dispute over the division of marital property may also involve a dispute over child support and child custody. Moreover, years after a final divorce judgment has been rendered, the circumstances of your life may significantly change, and you may want to request a divorce modification.

Our New Jersey divorce lawyers offer quality legal representation and advice in matters involving:

New Jersey Family Law Mediation: Avoid Unnecessary Expenses In Divorce

The process of litigating a divorce can be incredibly expensive, time-consuming, and damaging to everyone involved. While we have been very successful in litigating our clients’ cases in the courtroom, we have been equally successful in using means other than the court to resolve these problems.

We recognize that going through a divorce is personal, emotionally exhausting and, of course, risky from a financial perspective. The last thing you want to deal with is a disastrous financial result that could put you into personal bankruptcy. As such, we will do whatever it takes to secure a favorable outcome for your case. Our attorneys have never shied away from litigating claims in court when doing so is necessary for a successful resolution of the client’s dispute. Further, as New Jersey divorce lawyers, we have proven effective at handling sensitive negotiations and at helping clients to navigate the mediation process when litigation is not necessary.

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At Nitti & Nitti, P.C., Joseph Nitti, Esq. has more than three decades of experience successfully handling divorce and related family law matters for clients throughout New Jersey. We understand that every client’s situation is unique. As such, we strive to provide each and every one of our clients with an individualized solution to help them navigate the legal process and secure a favorable result.

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