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If you are seeking to end your marriage without suffering additional financial hardship due to attorney fees and costs, divorce mediation is an alternative worth considering. At Nitti & Nitti, P.C., our experienced divorce lawyers provide guidance and advice in the mediation process to clients throughout New Jersey.

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Why Choose A New Jersey Mediation Attorney From Nitti & Nitti?

  • For more than 30 years, New Jersey clients have trusted us with their family law concerns and other legal matters and you can too.
  • We understand how demanding and emotionally exhausting divorces and child custody disputes can be. For this reason, we provide skilled counsel with a personal touch, working closely with you to protect your interests and create customized solutions.
  • As a local, family-owned firm, we are able to offer the one-on-one service and caring assistance you deserve. You and your case matter to us.

What To Expect In The New Jersey Mediation Process

When you go into mediation, you, your spouse, and a trained mediator will sit down to discuss solutions and find common ground on issues such as alimony and custody arrangements.

Neither of you will have your own attorney in the room during this process unless you feel that you need your attorney to be present. However, having a law firm to guide you and provide you with answers, explanations and other information outside of the mediation room is a tremendous benefit. This is especially true when issues come up in mediation that you and your spouse cannot agree on. In these instances, the mediator will consider the matter carefully and give their opinion on the subject.

Joseph Nitti: Superior Court Of New Jersey-Approved Mediator

In addition to advising our own clients as they go through the divorce process, we can help you even if you already have legal counsel. Essex County family law attorney Joseph Nitti is a qualified mediator who can work with you and your spouse. More specifically, he is an experienced Superior Court of New Jersey-approved mediator, making him uniquely qualified to handle your concerns judiciously.

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If both you and your spouse are willing to be reasonable with one another, the mediation process can save you time, money, and potentially damaging results. We can help you mediate your divorce or family law case. Call (973) 226-4141 to discuss your mediation needs with our New Jersey, divorce mediation attorneys.