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In all realms of the law, including family law matters such as child custody and child support, we trust the courts to provide clarity and fairness on our legal matters. However, it is not a perfect system. Occasionally, a decision will be handed down that was not properly considered and that deserves reevaluation. In New Jersey divorce cases, clients have the option to file an appeal and argue for a reconsideration of their family’s circumstances.

Why Choose An Appeal Lawyer From Nitti & Nitti?

The trusted New Jersey divorce lawyers at Nitti & Nitti, P.C. have handled several appeals for their clients in Essex County, Morris County, and Union County, New Jersey. We are able to go the distance when necessary to get the result that you deserve. Not all New Jersey family law lawyers have the experience, knowledge, and diligence needed to successfully navigate an appeal. At our firm, we know what it takes to advocate for our clients and to make a compelling case for the reevaluation of their family law matter.

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When A New Jersey Family Law Appeal Attorney Is Warranted

It’s common to not be 100% satisfied with a judge’s determination in a family law matter, but clients should be strategic about knowing when an appeal is called for. At our law firm, our appeal lawyers can review your family law case and determine whether filing an appeal serves your best interests.

Common reasons to file a family law appeal in New Jersey include:

  • There was information that the judge did not consider
  • There was inadmissible evidence introduced into the original case
  • There was bias against one party in the original case
  • There was a critical error in the legal procedure of the original case

Once an appellate judge hears arguments, there can be three possible decisions: (1) they can uphold the original determination, (2) they can reverse (or alter) the original determination, or (3) they can send the case back down to the lower court for reconsideration (with instruction).

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Whatever the case may be, the experienced New Jersey family law attorneys at Nitti & Nitti, P.C. are ready to handle your family law appeal and explore every legal avenue toward a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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