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Child Custody and Traveling

NJ Child Custody Vacation Attorney

While it can be inconvenient at times, it is necessary for divorced parents with custody agreements to take extra steps when they want to bring their child on vacation. New Jersey courts recognize that vacations give children unique opportunities to bond with their parents. As a result, each parent is usually permitted to enjoy reasonable vacations as long as no safety risks are present. Each parent additionally holds a responsibility to act reasonably and fairly with each other when scheduling such outings.

Responsibilities for Vacationing

You need to provide your co-parent with plenty of advanced notice about your intended vacation. Some custody agreements specify a certain number of days prior to the vacation that you must notify your co-parent within. If your scheduled vacation is a designated holiday or conflicts with the other parent’s time, then you will typically need to get the other parent’s express consent. It’s advised that you get this consent in writing to avoid any issues that may arise. Courts will hear cases about vacation-time conflicts, but these situations are usually not a top priority for courts.

Nitti & Nitti Family Lawyers

The dedicated and experienced family law attorneys at Nitti & Nitti are committed to ensuring that each parent’s custody rights are respected by the other party. If your co-parent is being unreasonable and denying vacation time, then our team of legal professionals can help ensure your right to vacation with your child is upheld. We understand how emotionally draining conflicts with a co-parent can be, so our trusted professionals will work diligently to resolve your case as timely as possible. 

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