When going through the divorce process, a big court battle is not the only option. Divorce mediation is an alternative that is usually more peaceful and less expensive. However, while it is a good option for many couples, there are some instances in which mediation may not be the best choice. 

According to FindLaw, mediation uses a neutral third party, known as a mediator, to help each party negotiate and decide on the terms of the divorce. A mediator has conflict-resolution skills and helps the couple work through some of the more challenging decisions. 

There are a number of benefits of divorce mediation. The mediator is able to keep disputes to a minimum, and this reduces emotional stress. A mediation also costs less, often much less, than litigation, and it is a faster process. 

Not all divorce mediators are the same, and the couple usually chooses the one to work with. It is worth taking the time to research and look for one that has knowledge, skills and experience working with divorce mediation and family law. Each mediator has his or her own philosophies and styles. 

Mediation is not a good fit for everyone. If there are complex financial situations, a mediator may not have the skills necessary, and litigation is a better route. MoneyCrashers discusses that while a couple does not need to get along for successful mediation, the process will not work if they are unable to communicate at all or if one party is dishonest. 

Mediation is not a good choice if there is violence or abuse in the relationship because there is more protection using a lawyer and going through the court. Mediation is also not good if there are issues with addiction.