One of the most controversial topics at the beginning of a marriage is the prenuptial agreement. Do you get one or do you forego it? The reality is that the prenup can protect both parties in a marriage.

According to CNBC, there are some ways to make your prenup legitimate.

Adhere to the limits of a prenup

There are limits to what a prenup can do for you. The whole basis of the prenup is to dictate how your assets, homes, valuables and other such items get divvied up at the end of a marriage. You cannot use the document to discuss matters of child custody. Children become a ward of the courts so the judge will protect the interests of the child. Other provisions that people try to include are household chores and while you can include them, the courts will not enforce them.

Be honest in your prenup

Honesty is an important element not only in your marriage but in your prenuptial agreement. You do not want there to be secrets, not in the eyes of your spouse and not in the language of the prenup. Some people may feel compelled to exaggerate their finances. For instance, someone may have a company that he or she invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in but the company is not worth half of that. The person may claim that the business is worth more

On the other hand, you may feel compelled to hide some assets in the prenup. This could hurt you in the future. It is better to be open and honest about all your finances and assets.