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3 ways that lawyers help grow real estate brokerages

Are you just starting a new brokerage? Maybe you are taking charge of your business development plan. Either way, it is important to consider the role of your lawyer in your real estate practice.

Agents tend to view legal help as a transactional, perfunctory service. A real estate attorney often has the capacity to do much more than that.

1. Helping improve efficiency

There is no doubt about it: The real estate profession is competitive. You also have to switch gears quickly to keep up with market activity.

That leads many agents to adopt a strategy for prioritizes immediate results. When speed matters, having a regular relationship with a real estate law office often eliminates unnecessary delays.

2. Helping scale businesses

Of course, success in the real estate business depends on more than immediate results. To grow and prosper, you also usually need to be able to take advantage of any new opportunity that arises.

Real estate attorneys typically help in this regard by knowing many different rules, regulations, standard practices and so on across a wide variety of industry areas. That lawyer who helps you with all of your residential transactions may also have a strong basis in other matters, giving you an agile position.

3. Helping improve credibility

Most parties to real estate transactions want something other than a good deal. They want peace of mind. Lawyers help by providing reputation, attention to detail and other valuable intangibles — all things that could put a buyer’s or seller’s mind at ease.

In short, attorneys are more than just service providers. They are essential partners to many successful real estate offices.