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Family law issues can be deeply personal and involve the settling of issues that people generally like to keep private. Have you ever heard the saying, “Don’t wash your dirty linen in public”? Well, in most cases, when you go to court to settle a dispute that is exactly what you are doing. Settling a dispute in court means bringing your problems to a public arena, where many of the private details provided as evidence to support your case are recorded and accessible to the public. Mediation gives you an opportunity to settle your family disputes through a private process that gives you more control over the outcome of the process and reduces the hostility involved in litigation. As a family-owned firm, Nitti & Nitti understands the value of family, which is why we offer mediation as a viable solution to clients who want to resolve their family disputes in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Why Choose Mediation Through Nitti & Nitti?

  • Our Managing Partner, Joseph Nitti, Esq., is a certified mediator and is also trained in collaboration law. Both of those options can streamline the family law process and help you obtain timely results.
  • As a local, family-owned firm, we are able to offer the one-on-one service and caring assistance you deserve. You and your case matter to us.
  • Our family law and divorce lawyers’ goal is to help you resolve your concerns in an efficient and effective manner – without wasting your valuable time and money.

If you are looking for an experienced mediator in Morris County, you can count on our 30+ years of experience helping clients like you. You can call us at (973) 226-4141 to schedule a free consultation with one of our qualified mediators.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a dispute resolution process that involves disputing parties and a mediator who helps them work out their differences until they reach a negotiated agreement. Unlike the court process where a judge makes the final decision to settle the dispute between the parties, in mediation, the parties retain control of the process and the final outcome. Furthermore, any communications and exchanges of words, documents, or other records made during mediation are kept private and not deemed to be public records.

Mediation doesn’t have to follow any particular process or procedure. The mediator’s role is to facilitate communication and negotiation between the parties until they reach an agreement.

Why Choose Mediation?

The litigation process is designed to be adversarial. The adversarial system of justice deepens hostilities between the parties as each side tries to gain the upper hand in the outcome of the dispute. There must necessarily be a “loser” in such a system. On the other hand, mediation allows both parties, with the help of a mediator, to think through their issues and make the right decisions to settle the dispute.

When a dispute enters the court system, the parties are at the mercy of the court’s calendar. They have to take their turn behind the long list of cases filed for hearing before that court. It could take months before all the evidence is presented to the court and a final decision is made. With mediation, the parties can commit to reaching a settlement within a specific period of time, and they have the power to control that commitment.

Should Your Mediator Be an Attorney?

Under New Jersey law, a mediator can be an attorney or any other person designated by one of the disputing parties to represent them in the mediation process. While there is no rule that your mediator should be an attorney, using an attorney will give you the best outcome. A family law attorney knows your legal rights and entitlements under the law and can help you make the most sensible decisions in your circumstance. WIth Nitti & Nitti, you have the benefit of our years of experience handling family law cases, and our mediation and collaborative law skills.

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