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Divorce After 50 Leads to Special Issues That Younger Couples Do Not Face

Newark Divorce Attorneys

Whether you have only been married a year or you’ve just celebrated your 40th wedding anniversary, divorce is never an easy solution. The length of time of the marriage may vary for people who get divorced, but many of the reasons behind the decision to divorce are often very similar. Infidelity, financial issues, or even just wanting independence and freedom again are all reasons that couples get divorced, whether they are in their 20s or their 50s. However, it is those people in that older age bracket who must be aware of the specific circumstances that they may face with their divorce — circumstances that younger couples will probably not have to deal with.

Differences Between Divorce After 50 and Divorce After 20

One of the biggest differences for people getting divorced later in life is that instead of having their entire lives in front of them to recover both financially and emotionally, they are aware of the fact that time may no longer be on their side. If a person gets divorced in their 20s, they may be able to move to another location or find a new job and start fresh somewhere else. When this happens to a person in their 50s, however, that person may find that their options are much more limited.

Many people fear change. The longer an individual spends on this planet, the more comfortable they become with the surroundings that are familiar to them. Generally speaking, neither men nor women who get older have the same energy that they did in their 20s. Huge life changes like switching jobs or buying a house in a new state can all be actions that an older person would not even think about when considering divorce. This is why it is crucial to be aware of all of these aspects when deciding whether to file for divorce.

Division of Assets in New Jersey Divorces

The division of your assets is something else that becomes more complicated when discussing late-in-life divorce, as the financial value attached to certain types of benefits may increase as more time goes by. From retirement plans to the value of your house and even Social Security benefits, the monetary value and eligibility can vary by situation. Also, there are items like the planning of your estate for when you pass away and even the condition of your health which may change as you get older. So, even if you have already been through the divorce process when you were younger, that might not completely prepare you for having to go through this trying ordeal once again.

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