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Sometimes the only way to protect yourself from harm is with a restraining order. Whether you are being harassed or stalked by a former partner, or you have been assaulted or threatened by your spouse, the law can protect you from further harm. If you are in a domestic violence situation and you need protection from your abuser, the Essex County restraining order lawyers at Nitti & Nitti can help.

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What is a Restraining Order?

A restraining order is an order of the court that prohibits an abuser from doing any number of things including having any oral, written, personal, electronic, or another form of contact or communication with their victim. A restraining order generally prohibits your abuser from having any contact with you. Where there are children involved, a restraining order may also limit the abuser’s parenting time with the children and impose supervised visitation by family members or persons approved by the court.

When you are being threatened, stalked, harassed, or assaulted you must act quickly to protect yourself from further harm. It is important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options and agree on a plan of action to legally protect yourself.

How Does a Restraining Order Protect You?

A temporary restraining order (TRO) is an immediate, short-term relief that can be obtained without the participation of the other party involved. This means that the other party does not have to present in order for you to get a restraining order against them. After the court gives a restraining order, the other party will be notified of the order.

A restraining order gives the victim some legal protection until further action can be taken either to prosecute an abuser or to file for a final restraining order (FRO). In New Jersey, cases of domestic violence are viewed with such seriousness that provision is made for TROs to be obtained on weekends and holidays when the courts are closed.

In domestic violence cases, a final restraining order (FRO) requires more. Before a court will grant a FRO, the judge must first be convinced that the person being restrained actually committed acts of domestic violence such as assault, terroristic threats, kidnapping, sexual assault, stalking, or harassment. The next thing the judge will consider is whether the court should enter a restraining order that provides protection for the victim from the abuser’s desire to abuse or control the victim. An experienced attorney knows the requirements of the law and can help you gather supporting evidence to convince a judge to grant a restraining order.

Violation of a Restraining Order

If you have been accused of violating a restraining order, you must take it seriously and contact a lawyer because a violation of a restraining order is punishable as a criminal act. You will have the right to defend yourself just like any other criminal defendant.

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